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I was going to blog..

but my eyes got blurry from playing 2048 far too long. =.= 

So until my eyes recover, here’s a line-up of topics i’ll be covering (in no particular order):

  • Driving along: Got my G2!!!
  • March Favourites
  • Life after Grad: The Job Search
  • My Top 10 Apps 
  • Back at it: Fitness and Reading
  • Healthy Eating; an attempt
  • Photography with the Samsung GS4

On recent news:

I’m starting to feel uneasy about my newly-grad-but-no-proper-job status. I know I should be thankful, I still have a f/t job that supplies me with ze cash, However, there’s that thought at the back of my head saying, “You did not study for four years, staying up all-night, writing essays and reading the whole text book in one day for midterms the next day, not to mention a 20K debt on your belt, just to work here." I’m starting to get that feeling that maybe I’m just not good enough, but then again, I can’t just put that 20K piece of paper to waste.

To be honest, I’m slowly getting depressed by all this, but come to think of it, It’s sort of a wake-up call; I can’t say it’s all bad cuz this might just push me even more. If only I can have the right attitude to face it. After all, no one said it’s going to be easy. This is life, I gotta fight for what I want. :)

Just my two cents. 

Considering: Getting a Tattoo

Seriously! I blame my sister and a few celebrities for even considering it, although a part of the urge is also because of an outward empowerment a tattoo can bring to an individual. To some it’s a reminder (to be strong, self-expressive, faithful, etc.), while to others it’s a visual statement. My reason for getting one is more of the former. Because it’s a harsh world out there.. kidding. :P

I already have multiple places in mind as to where I’d want one.

  1. On the outer part of my left wrist. People would see it best when I sing, holding the mic with my left hand (lefty here) or play the guitar. 
  2. The pulse area on my right hand. Probably a cross or something to God/Life-related
  3. The shin/ankle area. 
  4. The back of my ears, on the neck. Vampire bite? Chos. :P

Here are the designs I have in mind..


It’s a japanese proverb which basically means that no matter what, you gotta get back up. :) I love it! I even reblogged this on my tumblog months ago, to make a mental note. Location? Hmm.. either the right wrist or the left. I can even put it on my leg/shin area. That I have to think through.. 


This is another design I’m sure of. I love how elegant this one looked compared to the other similar-themed designs. For the love of music talaga. 


This one’s pretty cute too.


I’ll probably put this on my wrist, on a smaller scale and minus the text (to baffle people). 


And of course, Pinoy pride! :D

I’d also want a star on the outer area of my right wrist. Lakas lang maka-Vice Ganda noh? :P Wala lang I love her lang, as a comedian(ienne?) and person.

Of course, before getting inked, you have to do your own research; Consider your skin condition and the risks/consequences you have to face in getting one. Tattoos cost a lot, and its either a hit or a miss. You have to be sure about it too, cuz it’s a forever thing. As for me, if I were to proceed with this idea, I want them to be simple and that they look good together.. not as if some kid just picked on a random area on your body and drew on you. Uhh, no. 

But yeah, first I gotta savesave up!

I know there’s a difference in opinion when it comes to tattoos and general, but if you were to get a tattoo (just one.. let’s say you’re really sure about it), what design would it be, and where would you put it? 

(Photos, linked to their source)

The Happy List #1

I’ve always wanted to write my own happy list. I mean, it’s never a bad idea.. if anything, it only helps us count our blessings, specially when in our darkest points. On that note, may this list be the first of a billion more! :)

  1. Playing with my cats, Jasmine and Mocha
  2. Watching hilarious Vine videos
  3. Seeing Coco Martin and Daniel Matsunaga’s face on TV :D
  4. Taking a nap and feeling 80% better than you did before that nap
  5. Putting your feet up on a chair after 8 hours of standing up.
  6. Listening to songs from my high-school days. :) The likes of MYMP, Hale and Sugarfree - Oh those were the best!
  7. Greeting a fellow pinoy on drive-thru in Tagalog (automatic smiles!)
  8. Singing and dancing with my adoptive younger sister
  9. Chilling, roadtrip and discovering new places with my adoptive cousins (you know who you are)
  10. Stating the obvious, yet weird realities with my sister.

Not bad for my first happy list! :) Seems like some of these can be blog entries on their own. We’ll see how it goes. Happy days!

Sidenote: I’m not liking how my life is going at the moment.. it could be just a phase, but then again, If I don’t do something, i’ll end up being stuck.. and I can’t let that happen. Not with the weapons I’m equipped with. AJA!

Recent Discoveries

  • It’s hard living life without water. For one week and a half we had to suffer.. it’s a good thing we’re a family of survivors and positive attitude, but really, imagine this: you can’t wash the dishes, can’t do food preparations and cook even the simplest meal.. and worse, you can’t do your business properly. Boy, I was glad beyond words when the water supply came back. 


  • Photos with a vintage-feel are beaautiful. It’s my new favourite setting when taking or editing pictures. It just makes the scene or subject look a thousand times better than it looked in real life.  I don’t know why I got into this just now, when instagram has been around for years now. I guess there’s just this natural tendency for me to ignore a trend until it passes the one-year mark. lol.


 Take this scene^, for example; In real life, disaster na disaster, Post-filter? Bring back the good old days na. :D

  • Delete your Photogrid, Photostitch apps. Line camera is your one-stop shop. In case you don’t know (call me a noob, but I just found this out very recently), aside from the cute stickers you can put alongside your face, and the many borders and filters to choose from (they have a bokeh filter, which has varying effects, when tapped repeatedly), Line also has a collage/grid maker. Quite impressive compared to the ones I’ve tried while appsearching. :P Lol, appsearching talaga ha. :P Whether you already have Line Camera on your phone or not, you should go check it out! :D It’s such a time saver for me.


(Excuse, makikidaan lang po yung mukha ko :P)

I think that’s it for now. Tsaka 12:04am na, 12% nalang din battery ni Max, bedtime na bedtime na ang lola nyo.

Stay tuned for more discoveries! :P

Teddy: Hindi pa nawawala yung ‘Vhong Navarro’, nanjan paren, kitang kita namin kuys.

Vhong: Bakit Hindi nawawala? Alam mo kung bakit?

Everyone: Bakit?

Vhong: Nandito ako sa bahay ko..

Pinagpray naming lahat ‘to. Para na kasi syang extended family eh. To many, It’s Showtime may just be a noontime show.. but the show established a connection with the madlang people. Ewan ko lang sa inyo, but for us living abroad, that’s how they faired. And with that being said, Welcome home Kuys Vhong! :) 

Kulang nalang talaga si Vice, one happy family na ulit sila.. Vice Ganda, Uweeeee! :D