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Life Lately #1: Hanging On

I haven’t been at par with my ideal optimal self lately. Yep, no matter how awesome I ought to be, I’m still human: I get discouraged, unmotivated and depressed (shucks, si Pau depressed), specially with my next-to-nothing social life and underemployed status. I guess I just happened to be in a gloomy state last week to be vulnerable to just anything.

I’m not that emo, really. I’d always think positive about stuff and shrug things off until they fall into place, either with time, choices made and such. I guess I was just running low on faith and self-confidence that all the doubts and worries kept pulling me down. Not to mention having a very small support network which consists of my family and immediate friends. 

Anyways, I’m okay now, currently picking up the pieces with my brand of combat weapons: asian dramas, doodles and sleep. 

I’ve started watching Bride of the Century, a Korean drama starring THE Lee Hong Ki, an all-time fave vocalist, and Yang Jin Sung. I heard a lot of good stuff about it, and I missed seeing my adorable Jeremy-ssi on screen, so I thought, why not? I’m already halfway through and I just started this week. It’s THAT good. But I gotta slow things down cuz If I pull a marathon, my fascination will die faster than I can blink. As tempting as it could be, I’ve learned that you should never pull a marathon on the good ones. Never. :P

I’m also in the middle of Love Around, a Taiwanese drama by George Hu and Annie Chen. The story’s progressing well, but I got busy last week with family plans and such so this one’s also on the wait list. 

I’ve also purchased a bunch of books on doodling, lettering and creativity (as you can see on my previous post). It’s to help me channel my energy into something productive and beneficial. Lately, it’s all about work and no play and it’s burning me out. I’m also planning on reviewing (and continuing on) my stuff on my two fave languages, Korean and Japanese just so my brain would, at the very least, wake up from its ‘learning coma’. Gotta be honest, It’s getting rusty in there.

As for sleep, because my work schedule has been crazy lately, working 5 days straight with 2/5 being 9-hour shifts and all shifts starting as early as 6AM, it hasn’t been good. However, I’ve managed to squeeze in nap time after work, so I make up for the lost hours somehow. It’s all good I guess? 

Also, the job hunt is still ongoing. I’m keeping my head high, but it’s really been far too long to not be getting a job that requires a degree. If things continue to be like this, I’m so going to Korea to teach English, just as I’ve planned long before this job hunt even started. The waiting game is getting frustrating and this underemployed status really won’t get me anywhere so I’m making the move myself. Someone once told me, no matter where you are in life, you gotta strive for change! 

So yeah. Hang in there. This is a note, not only to myself but to everyone else going through the same stagnant state in their lives. Hang in there and hang on to the things you love. Everything will eventually fall into place. :)

Wishing you all a Happy Long Weekend!