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I’ve been putting off a lot of things lately. It’s bad I know, but I just hate jumping on things while other plans are left undone. It’s a tendency I have, being the neatfreak and mild-OC person that I am.

Back in my university days, I couldn’t start a reading until I clean my room. Something to that effect.. and it’s always been like that. 

Some may think it’s a good thing, but most of the time, it’s bad, specially when things start piling up. Now I find myself stuck between blog posts, video edits and my own hobbies that I resort to just doing nothing. Or maybe I’m just not as motivated as I am?

Gah. Where did all my awesomeness go? =__= 

Hence, to get myself out of this circle, allow me to write out my to-do list for today and the week ahead. I’ll be recording my progress here, and the rest shall follow. ;)

  • CLEAN MY ROOM. This is a must. Re-arrange furniture if needed.
  • Watch an episode of Running Man. I need a laugh. I’ve been so down lately, you have no idea. :P
  • Draw something on my sketchbook. Just something. Draw your troubles away lol.

As for the week ahead:

  • Blog: Adventure series / The Face Shop :D
  • Laptop Major Clean-UP! Organize files, music, and back-up!
  • Edit Gerhard’s Cafe video for L&Ltv 
  • Start on Dramas (again) because in them I find comfort #foreveralone haha: Gu Family Book / You Who Came From The Stars / It’s Okay That’s Love / Angel Eyes / Liar Game (cuz I heard the Korean version’s coming out) / 100 Litre of Tears - [ a drama a day basis]
  • GYM!! Because it’ll help with my thinking-too-much tendencies. 

Life Lately post, soon. ‘Til then, just enjoy whatever I fancy through my reblogs. Cheers!