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My Ideal Day Off

Ako na yata ang taong hindi mahilig sa lakwatsa. There I said it.

Here’s the thing: when it’s my day off, I want that day for myself. It’s quite selfish I know, but in the past several months, I haven’t had a decent day off to myself and as a result, I feel somehow lost. Very contrary to when I was still in university, full of dreams, hobbies and whatnots.

I haven’t even cleared my corkboard.. what’s happening to me?

Anyways, my ideal day off is different from other’s ‘ideal’. The typical one I’ve been having was spent chilling the time off with friends and family. It’s fun, there are lots of things happening, but as a self-proclaimed introvert who likes to spend her time alone in deep thought, it’s not as beneficial; haven’t had the time to reflect, think things through, plan things out and be productive like I used to. The only way I survived through University was through writing blog posts, and since I graduated, pati yun, nawala. I think I’ve gone beyond insane on another dimension. At the end of the day, I’m left feeling empty.

What’s my ideal day off then, you may ask?

My ideal day off is spent in my (keyword:) neat room with my laptop and a cup of coffee or green tea, blogging away my thoughts, dreams, and possibly a few memories from last week’s happenings. It doesn’t even matter whether or not people read them, I just wanna exercise my fingers typing my thoughts away.

Other activities include:
- editing videos
- recording covers of my favourite songs
- drawing random thingamajigs.

Watching my favourite asian dramas and movies and reading books is somehow extra, but I really do enjoy them so I guess I’ll throw them in as well.

And that’s it! No transportation fees, and extra money required!

P.S. Judging from the list of activities I prefer doing, I think it’s time I pursue something related to the arts and media. Afterall, people turning hobbies into professions often turn out successful! What do you guys think?

On the contrary, social connections are still very important in life. It’s only when there’s no balance between the two extremes that I feel all spazzy.  Quite weird, I know, but when I’ve overdone it, I feel the uneasiness. I guess that’s just how I am. A natural-born semi-introvert. :P

How about you? What’s your ideal day off?

Under Maintenance

Yep. That basically sums it up if someone asked me how my life was at the moment. I’m hating the fact that I’m stagnant and currently “directionless,” but on another level, I’m somewhat at ease with my lazy self, being able to over-indulge myself in korean dramas and countless famjams.

Hey, it’s summer.. and no matter how much I push myself to do something productive (on my standards), my brain just can’t help but go on ‘summer mode’ with all these happenings. I can’t really let the season of bright sunny days and breezy afternoons pass without spending it outside, right?

Thing is, I haven’t been documenting it as much either. And that’s where the disappointment comes in. I have countless photos on my cellphone that haven’t been uploaded and unseen (thanks to a whopping 32GB microSD) and a bunch of memories waiting to be blogged but to no avail. And to let you in on a little secret, this was the plan a year ago right after I’ve finished all my degree requirements:

- establish a blog, filled with thoughts, dreams, ideas and memories. 

Quite simple? Think again. Other things kept happening: I put up a video blog with a friend, which is btw waaay more time consuming than it looked, I signed up for full-time work at my resident coffee shop (lol resident talaga ha) and eventually, I got sucked in to this blackhole of inactivity. 

At least I’m using my gym subscription to its entirety. 

But other than that, that’s it. 

I really need to step it up a notch. I know I’ve written numerous blog posts about this, and yet, I still fail to get back on my feet. I’ve been making far too many excuses and it’s already the last week of July, Pau, so muster up! 

On second thought, I really need to blog regularly. It’s the only way I keep myself and my progress in check, just like when I was still studying. Aja!

Fast Forward to Now

Err.. I hate to admit this but.. Long time no see Internet! Andun na’ko eh! I was going well with blogging, even posting random thoughts and one-liners.. but work and life ate me up again. Hay. Nothing’s wasted though, just memories and more things to blog about, I guess. At least I have my dramas to escape to..

Oh, and speaking of dramas..

As for the recap I promised the other week (has it been a month? lol), I’ll be doing one for this week instead, for the main and obvious reason that there’s no use dwelling in the past (yep, that’s right). I also recently got hooked with this Taiwanese Drama called Fall In Love With Me with THE Aaron Yan and Tia Li as leads. Why did I know of your existence just now Aaron? You are a hot beast! lol. 


My sister got me into it, as suggested by a friend of hers. At first I thought it would just be a good way to pass the time while I wait for my main kdramas to air.. the next thing you know, we were having a Fall In Love With Me marathon, just to catch up. The show apparently has 23 episodes in total, with the 14th episode being the latest one (yep you guys can still catch up if you’re willing to). I’m warning you though, it’s highly addictive. Hence, my apparent irregular sleeping habits. 

Haven’t watched episode 14 yet, but if I were to describe the drama so far in three words.. It’s cute, fun and confusing. The scriptwriters have been doing a good job satisfying the viewers with lots of skinship (ooh lala), Aaron Yan, and a solid storyline. Though the concept’s really a bit like Hannah Montana (I agree with one of the bloggers), they gave a different approach, and that’s what got us and pretty much everyone else hooked. :D Laaaveeet!

Anyways, time to watch!! *excited*